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no joke


no,it’s not in the upcoming Batman movie scheduled this summer.

i was pretty shocked to start my daily browsing today with the news that the Australian bloke,Heath Ledger was found dead at his apartment yesterday on Yahoo news.the news reported that they were sleeping pills found next to his dead body when the housekeeper discovered his body.he was dead at the age of 28.

aside from the teen hits of 10 things i hate about you,casanova and the controversial brokeback mountain,he also acted in the biopic inspired by Bob Dylan , I’m Not There alongside Cate Blanchett,Christian Bale,Richard Gere and few others as Bob Dylan and had completed the role as the Joker for the upcoming Batman movie,The Dark Knight.


 may he rest in peace.


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when it comes to love,there’s plenty of things to talk takes forever to talk about love.what is love?why is love?who is love?when is love?of course it does not just stop there.the list will go on and on,i tell you.

funny thing when i was reading the online TIME magazine is that they had chosen love as their scientific love can’s so interesting i realised myself smiling while reading those articles.heh.even they have got the senses that love is something interesting,and yet there’s always something scientific to go with is should just read the article and find out yourself.

how can you be so sure that you have found the one when the world is so full of possibilities?

how  do you know you have chosen the one when life is so full of possibilities?

oouh no,don’t think hard.just for you to contemplate.that’s all.

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lucky number eight

The Rules:

 1. Each blogger must post these rules first.

 2. Each blogger starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.

3. Bloggers that are tagged need to write on their own blog about their eight things and post these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.

 4. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’ve tagged, and to read your blog.

oh let’s just do this mmkay?

8 random facts.

a – i had braces on my teeth for more than 5 years.

b – i can be a very different person when i’m TOTALLY.

c – i have a t-shirt written” I LOVE CHICKEN RICE!” and it’s TRUE,because i do love chicken rice.and chicken chicken and chicken.

d – i am the only one in my family who has not developed any cooking skills,YET.yes,all my family members cook well.

e – tom and jerry are my two favourite cartoon character.until now.

f – i’m a big time weeper.i weep on silly things as well.just so you know.

g – i cannot live without music.

h – i always turn my tv on even when i sleep.

i – iron is one of the vital things listed on my survival kit-list in case of emergency.apart from chicken,milo,perfume and toothbrush and toothpaste.without iron,i could not survive.

j – i’m a shoe fetish and i own a lot pairs of shoes that i couldn’t even remember where they are now.

and am tagging these dudes.




siti khadijah






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aglow moon

the thing is that i’m supposed to write and update as much as i could since i’ve last shut the previous site.however,due to the many of my office demands that need to be fulfilled,i failed to do so.oh well,my bad.i can’t complain.

i got back late today from the office,few things need to be done urgently so that’s the cause for the stayback.skipping office yesterday was a good idea afterall,because i could use the extra time for some good cause,i.e,fixing few pairs of my beloved shoes,and having a catch-up hi-tea (or pizza?)with my was all a co-incidence,a great one,because some things would just popped up and turns out to be good.i did not plan this,but i like the way it happens yesterday 🙂

talking about yesterday,i think that was the nastiest traffic i’ve ever far.this year(because i just know there’s more to come).it’s not the kl traffic that i’m worrying’s the freaking 50 minutes i’ve spent to just get out from my housing area,before i could sneak my little car out on the main road heading to kl.lucky i wasn’t heading for office or else i’m doomed.went to the high court yesterday to file my petition and i’m glad that the process went facts : apparently i’m the 101th person filing for chambering this year.GAH!whatever it is,i still have to go back for another filing that need to be completed before i could serve everything to the bar council,ag and the state little time so much to do.hmpff.

apart from my remarkable 101th application,smurf celebrated it’s 5oth anniversary yesterday.that is so cute.i still remember how i used to cry over the smurfs just because my dad forgot to tape them.and now i even got the smurf theme on my pocket adorable.awwwww.

oh my god.the moon is so pretty.and i think i need a milo ais.


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Run and tell that.

if you are asking how is my first day,i’ll say it’s good 🙂 the staff are all nice,helpful so far and i can see a lot of work coming in since i’ve got a stack of files waiting to be done and checked on my table tomorrow.apart from that,everything’s cool.whatever it is,i still have to  keep my nose to the grindstone right?because 9 months doesn’t seem to be that long now.and i should be finished by the end of the day.

special message-

to Londoners’,

i’m doing good for my first day peeps.Chu was right all along on whatever she told us before.hahaha.nak gelak pun ada wey.hehe.will update to you soon bout the work.take care and love ya.

ta for now!

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i can’t freaking believe that i’m gonna start working’s not work-‘work’,it’s just pupillage but it’s more or less like work and such(if you ever get what i’m talking about here) but i’m pretty much excited about the whole thing though,and i hope everything will be least i know pidot is gonna be next to me in case of anything 🙂

my new office *ehem* is at shah alam,fortunately close enough with my dentist’s place.speaking of which,i have an appointment tomorrow at 2.45pm.i hope she’s gonna take the metal out of my teeth,for my teeth sake,for my sake,and for the metal sake because it’s 2008 already..*sigh* ..i just can’t wait to flaunt my new teeth on the new year.teehee 😀

 i should be sleeping early.oouh but i have to iron my baju first.wish me luck yo!

p/s: bought a pair of new shoes,it’s not court shoes.heee 😉


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the family jaunt.

Jakarta was beautiful in her on way,i must’s so amazing,i wish i could stay longer and stroll around the city by myself(because bringing another pack of 3 families along would cause another story),as to the fact that staying in the tour bus estopped me from many of my list of things to for Bandung,i’m still delighted to be there,although not as excited as i arrived there in’s still the same,with more shopping venues added to the former list.

however,thanks to pak Agus,the man who was responsible for our tour around Jakarta and Bandung.He’s funny,i think,although some of his jokes left me the way,i gained a lot of fat during my visit,since we all just can’t stop eating nasi padang every single’s just so delicious and i’m enjoying Malaysian food very much at the moment,my stomach was crying for koayteow goreng when i filled em with ayam pop,sambal ijo and gulai tunjang last time.

the visit was so meaningful,deeply to’s just so memorable,and sungguh terkesan di hati ya,when you see more than what you ever imagine,nothing gives the best picture other than the i know why Duta was singing his best voice in Generasi Patah Hati.

Tawa lepasmu adalah tangisanku
kelakuanmu adalah deritaku
kebodohan ini harus segera diakhiri
sebelum aku benar-benar mati

aku generasi yang patah hati
terlahir dengan kondisi dunia yang seperti ini
aku generasi yang patah hati
aku harus belajar tersenyum sebelum membunuh
sebelum membunuh rasa takutku
perut buncitmu.. kurusnya bayi mereka
rumah mewahmu. keringat mereka
kebodohan ini harus segera di akhiri
sebelum kita benar-benar mati

ku bekerja siang dan malam
agar isteri ku bahagia
smoga kelak anak kita
hidup selayaknya
aku siap tuk lupakan mimpi ego mudaku
aku siap tuk lupakan
aku akan perjuangkan masa depan anakku
aku akan perjuangkan


i would love to do more and more travel soon.a friend asked me to join her tour to Myanmar,that sounds interesting.but i’m afraid i’ve secured a job later and can’t be free as now.maybe some other time,right? 🙂


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