To Puteri,

Thank You very much for your cute kad raya.i received it two days ago.siap ada cop nama lagi.heeee 🙂

by the way, i still believe that the originally/manually posted kad raya is still relevant.walaupun ada banyak e-card,online card and such,tapi the feeling sewaktu menerima kad raya original dari post box ,with your name on it dan setem yang telah dicop-sangatla tidak dapat ditukar ganti.waah.hehe.

whatever it is,do bear in mind that kalau nak hantar kad raya,make sure send it before 25th of September,in order for the card to reach just in time,or at least early delivery.even Pos Malaysia Berhad pun dah release a press statement for this here to read more.

so,kepada sesiapa yang masih berminat nak hantar kad raya secara manual,25th September is the date to catch.and those who choose to send online greetings,you can always send it at any time,and to those who chooses not to do both,well,the choice is definitely yours 🙂

ok.time to go down and get ready for buka puasa.i’m having Nasi Beriani Ayam Merah from JM Beriani today.wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

p/s:selamat berbuka!


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  1. cik puan, u’;ve been tagged! ehe =)

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