cucumber cool

cucumber has got nothing to do with the entry.seriously. nor am i a big fan of it (since i do not eat any kind of vegetables,at all).

it’s just that i am hoping that i will be cool like the cucumber(?) in resolving my serial life issues.uh huh.

i’m definitely such a stiff right now,because..  there is so many things to do and i am clueless on where to start until.. until i suddenly came up with a list on what should i do.and i think the list really-really keeps me motivated.hee.

*gambar hiasan #1*

*gambar hiasan #1*

so let’s put the list here so that i’ll follow the list strictly.*ahem*

Things to MUST do.(in no particular order)

1. call up the service centre to reschedule the car service appointment. up the dentist and set for an appointment within this month (by hook or by crook).

3.double check on all the relevant documents to be in order and complete for tomorrow’s interview.

4.pick a suitable outfit for the interview.

5.iron the chosen outfit.

6.update buku wang saku.

7.put all the complete relevant documents on one side so that it won’t be mixed up with other things.

8.pick a bag that best suits the chosen outfit.

9.update blog?

10.find the 2 missing issues of teen vogue from my beloved safekeeping :the september & november 2008 issues.

*gamba hiasan #2*

*gambar hiasan #2*


11.clean up the room & don’t get stressed out about the teen vogue’s missing copies.

12.patch up the pore pack on the nose ( for the purpose of beauty as part and parce before the interview)

13.put on the almond mask before sleep.

14.gather all the necessary item(s) to put in the handbag (if possible)(refer to no.8) :- all items checked!



c.face tissue

d.wet tissue


f.perfume bag


i.chewing gum

j.charger hp (just in case)

k.a copy of the april 2009 teenvogue for the light reading while waiting

l.bottled water (if there is enough room in the bag)


15.charge the hp and make sure the battery is in full bar

16.throw away the unnecessary item/thrash/garbage the nlc,spa,and anything that matters

18.try to stay cool and relax

19.if there’s time,clean up the room

20.makesure to put the cd case back into the car

21.burn lagu baru (IF THERE IS TIME)

22.put on some eye & face stress gel if the stress occurs

23.i think i should go sleep now and pass on no.12 & 13.good night and wish me freaking lots of luck and all the luck in the world or maybe if there is a luck duck or something and okay,that does it.i should

*gambar hiasan #3*

*gambar hiasan #3*

that’s how i’ll look like in another..err..10 minutes.ciao.



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4 responses to “cucumber cool

  1. bengong!!!

  2. j

    i think i need to start having a list of my own too !

  3. u nak pegi interview ape ni, wyda..? hehehe

  4. apesal macam banyak je lagi tak buat? pegi la sevis keta oik!

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