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Oh wow.we’re few hours away leaving 2011.and I haven’t blogged for more than a year it time to be back..and writing?yes?no?


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cucumber cool

cucumber has got nothing to do with the entry.seriously. nor am i a big fan of it (since i do not eat any kind of vegetables,at all).

it’s just that i am hoping that i will be cool like the cucumber(?) in resolving my serial life issues.uh huh.

i’m definitely such a stiff right now,because..  there is so many things to do and i am clueless on where to start until.. until i suddenly came up with a list on what should i do.and i think the list really-really keeps me motivated.hee.

*gambar hiasan #1*

*gambar hiasan #1*

so let’s put the list here so that i’ll follow the list strictly.*ahem*

Things to MUST do.(in no particular order)

1. call up the service centre to reschedule the car service appointment. up the dentist and set for an appointment within this month (by hook or by crook).

3.double check on all the relevant documents to be in order and complete for tomorrow’s interview.

4.pick a suitable outfit for the interview.

5.iron the chosen outfit.

6.update buku wang saku.

7.put all the complete relevant documents on one side so that it won’t be mixed up with other things.

8.pick a bag that best suits the chosen outfit.

9.update blog?

10.find the 2 missing issues of teen vogue from my beloved safekeeping :the september & november 2008 issues.

*gamba hiasan #2*

*gambar hiasan #2*


11.clean up the room & don’t get stressed out about the teen vogue’s missing copies.

12.patch up the pore pack on the nose ( for the purpose of beauty as part and parce before the interview)

13.put on the almond mask before sleep.

14.gather all the necessary item(s) to put in the handbag (if possible)(refer to no.8) :- all items checked!



c.face tissue

d.wet tissue


f.perfume bag


i.chewing gum

j.charger hp (just in case)

k.a copy of the april 2009 teenvogue for the light reading while waiting

l.bottled water (if there is enough room in the bag)


15.charge the hp and make sure the battery is in full bar

16.throw away the unnecessary item/thrash/garbage the nlc,spa,and anything that matters

18.try to stay cool and relax

19.if there’s time,clean up the room

20.makesure to put the cd case back into the car

21.burn lagu baru (IF THERE IS TIME)

22.put on some eye & face stress gel if the stress occurs

23.i think i should go sleep now and pass on no.12 & 13.good night and wish me freaking lots of luck and all the luck in the world or maybe if there is a luck duck or something and okay,that does it.i should

*gambar hiasan #3*

*gambar hiasan #3*

that’s how i’ll look like in another..err..10 minutes.ciao.


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make it yours :)

i am quite a mess right now.

messy hair,messy face, messy room,messy wardrobe.

so today’s goal is – to clean up all the mess and try to stay at home the whole day(tough one).

and after that,more updates coming.seriously.not kidding okkay.

in the meantime,may this song brings all the energy i need for today.cheeerrsss.and gong xi fa cai!


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To Puteri,

Thank You very much for your cute kad raya.i received it two days ago.siap ada cop nama lagi.heeee 🙂

by the way, i still believe that the originally/manually posted kad raya is still relevant.walaupun ada banyak e-card,online card and such,tapi the feeling sewaktu menerima kad raya original dari post box ,with your name on it dan setem yang telah dicop-sangatla tidak dapat ditukar ganti.waah.hehe.

whatever it is,do bear in mind that kalau nak hantar kad raya,make sure send it before 25th of September,in order for the card to reach just in time,or at least early delivery.even Pos Malaysia Berhad pun dah release a press statement for this here to read more.

so,kepada sesiapa yang masih berminat nak hantar kad raya secara manual,25th September is the date to catch.and those who choose to send online greetings,you can always send it at any time,and to those who chooses not to do both,well,the choice is definitely yours 🙂

ok.time to go down and get ready for buka puasa.i’m having Nasi Beriani Ayam Merah from JM Beriani today.wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

p/s:selamat berbuka!

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i know.if you’re talking about when was the last time i updated my blog,yes,you were definitely correct about me being sooo fashionably late for my updates.but you know,i’ve got strong excuse(s) for being late,and of course accompanied with plenty of evidences and alibi.hah.

whatever it is,they do say that absence makes the heart grow i am hoping that it applies know,a break is very useful for you to compile what is interesting in your life to write to and of course,a great reason for not doing the updates earlier on.enough said(because wise people don’t talk much,hee).

 i hate to say this but i think i’m sacrificing and compromising a lot of my life for the’s not that i want to,but the whole thing just works that way now,and unfortunate or fortunate may it be,i have no other choices to turn you know,i’m not only dealing with my life,but now the problem at the office is in my basket as that is what my current life looks like,as far as you ever concerned.okay,maybe job is not my favourite topic at the time being..although i started to enjoy what i’m doing..atleast before the pupillage period ends la kan..haha 🙂

apart from that,i’m currently having the ‘archie’ syndrom at the moment,you know like being  really clumsy ,shattering shaky or steady items around me.i just spilled a tall glass of ribena at the kitchen yesterday with my mom as the main witness(which means-CLEAN IT NOW! look from her killing eyes) , dropped my pda stylus-found it back-broke the tip of the stylus,innocently kicked the nicely prepared table while having lunch at the victoria station today and knocking a few things around and’s terrible,especially when it all happens with my mom around.huuuuu.i should learn how to be grace kelly perhaps,because that is what a girl of my age should possess,aint it?current mood:klutz.for the i’m a signing ou-whooops-tt!


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no joke


no,it’s not in the upcoming Batman movie scheduled this summer.

i was pretty shocked to start my daily browsing today with the news that the Australian bloke,Heath Ledger was found dead at his apartment yesterday on Yahoo news.the news reported that they were sleeping pills found next to his dead body when the housekeeper discovered his body.he was dead at the age of 28.

aside from the teen hits of 10 things i hate about you,casanova and the controversial brokeback mountain,he also acted in the biopic inspired by Bob Dylan , I’m Not There alongside Cate Blanchett,Christian Bale,Richard Gere and few others as Bob Dylan and had completed the role as the Joker for the upcoming Batman movie,The Dark Knight.


 may he rest in peace.

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lucky number eight

The Rules:

 1. Each blogger must post these rules first.

 2. Each blogger starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.

3. Bloggers that are tagged need to write on their own blog about their eight things and post these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.

 4. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’ve tagged, and to read your blog.

oh let’s just do this mmkay?

8 random facts.

a – i had braces on my teeth for more than 5 years.

b – i can be a very different person when i’m TOTALLY.

c – i have a t-shirt written” I LOVE CHICKEN RICE!” and it’s TRUE,because i do love chicken rice.and chicken chicken and chicken.

d – i am the only one in my family who has not developed any cooking skills,YET.yes,all my family members cook well.

e – tom and jerry are my two favourite cartoon character.until now.

f – i’m a big time weeper.i weep on silly things as well.just so you know.

g – i cannot live without music.

h – i always turn my tv on even when i sleep.

i – iron is one of the vital things listed on my survival kit-list in case of emergency.apart from chicken,milo,perfume and toothbrush and toothpaste.without iron,i could not survive.

j – i’m a shoe fetish and i own a lot pairs of shoes that i couldn’t even remember where they are now.

and am tagging these dudes.




siti khadijah






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