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i can’t freaking believe that i’m gonna start working today.it’s not work-‘work’,it’s just pupillage but it’s more or less like work and such(if you ever get what i’m talking about here) but i’m pretty much excited about the whole thing though,and i hope everything will be alright.at least i know pidot is gonna be next to me in case of anything 🙂

my new office *ehem* is at shah alam,fortunately close enough with my dentist’s place.speaking of which,i have an appointment tomorrow at 2.45pm.i hope she’s gonna take the metal out of my teeth,for my teeth sake,for my sake,and for the metal sake because it’s 2008 already..*sigh* ..i just can’t wait to flaunt my new teeth on the new year.teehee 😀

 i should be sleeping early.oouh but i have to iron my baju first.wish me luck yo!

p/s: bought a pair of new shoes today.no,it’s not court shoes.heee 😉



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