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when it comes to love,there’s plenty of things to talk about.it takes forever to talk about love.what is love?why is love?who is love?when is love?of course it does not just stop there.the list will go on and on,i tell you.

funny thing when i was reading the online TIME¬†magazine is that they had chosen love as their topic.how scientific love can be.it’s so interesting i realised myself smiling while reading those articles.heh.even they have got the senses that love is something interesting,and yet there’s always something scientific to go with it.love is serious.you should just read the article and find out yourself.

how can you be so sure that you have found the one when the world is so full of possibilities?

how  do you know you have chosen the one when life is so full of possibilities?

oouh no,don’t think hard.just for you to contemplate.that’s all.


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