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i know.if you’re talking about when was the last time i updated my blog,yes,you were definitely correct about me being sooo fashionably late for my updates.but you know,i’ve got strong excuse(s) for being late,and of course accompanied with plenty of evidences and alibi.hah.

whatever it is,they do say that absence makes the heart grow fonder.so i am hoping that it applies here.you know,a break is very useful for you to compile what is interesting in your life to write to and of course,a great reason for not doing the updates earlier on.enough said(because wise people don’t talk much,hee).

 i hate to say this but i think i’m sacrificing and compromising a lot of my life for the job.it’s not that i want to,but the whole thing just works that way now,and unfortunate or fortunate may it be,i have no other choices to turn to.so you know,i’m not only dealing with my life,but now the problem at the office is in my basket as well.so that is what my current life looks like,as far as you ever concerned.okay,maybe job is not my favourite topic at the time being..although i started to enjoy what i’m doing..atleast before the pupillage period ends la kan..haha 🙂

apart from that,i’m currently having the ‘archie’ syndrom at the moment,you know like being  really clumsy ,shattering shaky or steady items around me.i just spilled a tall glass of ribena at the kitchen yesterday with my mom as the main witness(which means-CLEAN IT NOW! look from her killing eyes) , dropped my pda stylus-found it back-broke the tip of the stylus,innocently kicked the nicely prepared table while having lunch at the victoria station today and knocking a few things around and such.it’s terrible,especially when it all happens with my mom around.huuuuu.i should learn how to be grace kelly perhaps,because that is what a girl of my age should possess,aint it?current mood:klutz.for the klutziness.so i’m a klutzer.so signing ou-whooops-tt!



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