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Morning View

oh hi.it’s been quite some time after the last post,and no i’m not mourning over ledger’s death that bad(although it’s shocking) until i’ve negelected this site for the whole two weeks,but it’s just those piles of files at the office that has been killing me softly,so far.

 went to the court the other day to collect my short call date,and ta-daaa..my short call date is scheduled to be on 9th of May 2008.so feel free to drop by to kompleks mahkamah jalan duta on friday the 9th for my short call.i was pretty devastated to the fact that my short call was not scheduled the same date as pidot,since we filed our petition at the same date and day,but she was lucky to get the date earlier.the lawyer at my place said those things happen,the filing date would not determine that you’ll get the same short call date.hmm.

ok let’s talk something happy-er.the march edition of teen vogue’s out,emphasizing on colours,flowers and prints.because it’s spring,baby.haven’t finished browsing the pages yet but will do soon.other than that,i’m still curiously looking for the guy whom i accidentally found at MPH midvalley yesterday,wearing a plain green t-shirt , yellow shoes,and a book sitting on the bench 🙂 —-> can anyone help me?

thy smiles i note,sweet early flower,
  that peeping from thy rustic bower
 the festive news to earth dost bring,
  a fragrant messenger of spring


have a wonderful day ahead today! 😉



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