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the family jaunt.

Jakarta was beautiful in her on way,i must say.it’s so amazing,i wish i could stay longer and stroll around the city by myself(because bringing another pack of 3 families along would cause another story),as to the fact that staying in the tour bus estopped me from many of my list of things to do.as for Bandung,i’m still delighted to be there,although not as excited as i arrived there in 2006.it’s still the same,with more shopping venues added to the former list.

however,thanks to pak Agus,the man who was responsible for our tour around Jakarta and Bandung.He’s funny,i think,although some of his jokes left me puzzled.by the way,i gained a lot of fat during my visit,since we all just can’t stop eating nasi padang every single day.it’s just so delicious and addictive.so i’m enjoying Malaysian food very much at the moment,my stomach was crying for koayteow goreng when i filled em with ayam pop,sambal ijo and gulai tunjang last time.

the visit was so meaningful,deeply to me.it’s just so memorable,and sungguh terkesan di hati ya,when you see more than what you ever imagine,nothing gives the best picture other than the truth.now i know why Duta was singing his best voice in Generasi Patah Hati.

Tawa lepasmu adalah tangisanku
kelakuanmu adalah deritaku
kebodohan ini harus segera diakhiri
sebelum aku benar-benar mati

aku generasi yang patah hati
terlahir dengan kondisi dunia yang seperti ini
aku generasi yang patah hati
aku harus belajar tersenyum sebelum membunuh
sebelum membunuh rasa takutku
perut buncitmu.. kurusnya bayi mereka
rumah mewahmu. keringat mereka
kebodohan ini harus segera di akhiri
sebelum kita benar-benar mati

ku bekerja siang dan malam
agar isteri ku bahagia
smoga kelak anak kita
hidup selayaknya
aku siap tuk lupakan mimpi ego mudaku
aku siap tuk lupakan
aku akan perjuangkan masa depan anakku
aku akan perjuangkan


i would love to do more and more travel soon.a friend asked me to join her tour to Myanmar,that sounds interesting.but i’m afraid i’ve secured a job later and can’t be free as now.maybe some other time,right? 🙂



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