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WORK-ing it out.

oh well,this time around it’s not monday blues but it’s dreadful thursday.*yawn*

i am trying to motivate myself to FOCUS on work because at the moment the stimulus/impetus/enthusiasm/inspirations in me has gone to Greece.*laugh la wei-it’s a joke*.

i should get back to work and THINK POSITIVE.cewah.

and this is the song for today.//HELP!!//

care to help?


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Run and tell that.

if you are asking how is my first day,i’ll say it’s good 🙂 the staff are all nice,helpful so far and i can see a lot of work coming in since i’ve got a stack of files waiting to be done and checked on my table tomorrow.apart from that,everything’s cool.whatever it is,i still have to  keep my nose to the grindstone right?because 9 months doesn’t seem to be that long now.and i should be finished by the end of the day.

special message-

to Londoners’,

i’m doing good for my first day peeps.Chu was right all along on whatever she told us before.hahaha.nak gelak pun ada wey.hehe.will update to you soon bout the work.take care and love ya.

ta for now!

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